Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nikki is down...but already bouncing back!

Just a quick update on our trauma yesterday. Nikki cut the back of her head on some razor wire that is on the Terrace of our Villa. Gary was out at the time and it was a good gash (hero that I am, I almost fainted and had to put my head between my legs while trying to console Nikki saying that it wasn´t that bad) in her hair. She wasn´t in pain so much but was frightened.

I cleaned it, dressed it and called Gary who came rushing home from town. He´d called Luis who, bless his soul, was two steps behind Gary, who then sent his wife Marlene over to help us decide if it was bad enough to risk going in for stitches. She arrived with two local sisters who have a truck, ready to take us to the hospital if need be. I have never felt so overwhelmed with appreciation! The consensus was that since it was in her hair and a scar wouldn´t be obvious, we would treat it ourselves and forgo the stitches. She had her Tetnus shot in 2003 so she is still good (Marlene went home and looked it up). So, completely drained and teary eyed, the three of us said goodbye to our wonderful friends and settled in for a snuggle (and a big glass of something....anything). I am keeping Nikki at home for a couple of days and out of the pool (despite the party at our house tonight) until I am sure she has healed over. I must have checked on her three times through the night last night. What for, I´m not sure, but it sure scared me!

So, that was the big excitement. At home in Canada it wouldn´t have seemed a big deal, but it was so much more of a challenge!

We now have personal phones, that we´re pretty sure have free incoming calls, if anyone needs to get hold of us. If you want the number, just shoot us off an email and I´ll get them to you.

Horse riding on Friday as long as Nikki is healed. Moving Sunday. Life marches onward no matter where you are.........

Love to all!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, just read your blog page for the 13th hope Nikki is doing fine and healing well, give her a hug and say hello from us here in the U.K.seems you are settling in well and meeting the challenges of life head on and knocking them for six, keep up the good work, we all read your news over here, as for the cell phone number or land line number would be good to talk. we are all keeping ok. Demi is in the middle of exams, Caron working hard as usual, as for me have taken up singing and am on stage on the 24th may in a show, life in the old dog yet. keep up the good work and stay safe all of you. take care. Dad.x