Friday, May 22, 2009

Cats, Cats, All We See Are Cats!

To be sure, I am not a cat person.

But we seem to be inundated (why couldn't it be dogs!)with them at the moment and they are slowly winning me over!

The new complex that we are living in had three. One of them, Missyfoo (who is apparently a male masquerading as a female) has decided that he lives with us. We wake in the morning to his little faced pushed up against the garden doors, looking longingly inside for a sign of movement. Then when the windows get opened, he hops through and makes himself at home on the couch! He is always underfoot!

And now, we find ourselves the adopted parents of four kittens who were found abandoned at the front door of one of our landladies buildings. They appear to be about two weeks old and were in desperate need of feeding. We are using a dropper for now and they seem to be getting adequate nourishment. They are adorable! The runt is in the roughest shape and has an double eye infection. She eats well though and if she survives, we will take them all to the animal clinic when it opens next week for treatment and deworming. Nikki's allergies are on over drive but you can't keep her away from them!In the meantime, Lilly the landlady, is looking for homes for them. Let's hope we can let them go........

And if we're cooking chicken Pachino the doberman always come through the door and waits for some scraps! Good job we're animal lovers!

So, that's the excitement this week. No break in the heat yet, although our new place is a good 5-10 degrees F cooler than the villa, just due to the shade it offers and the constant breeze. Life is starting to fall into a routine of sorts. We are getting used to the constant sounds around us, in particular the firecrackers that go off in the neighbourhood constantly (what's up with that?). Being here reminds me of camping since you basically life outdoors, even when indoors. The challenge is proving to be getting used to this being life, not something you leave after a week.

Oh, and I gave my first comment in Spanish last night, silly how nervous I was, especially seeing as how I read it straight out of the paragraph :)

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