Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

As much as I am staying positive, our blog would not be an accurate portrayal of life here in Nicaragua if I didn't admit that this has been a hard week.

We have moved into our new apartment which we love and really hope to be able to make home. Saying that, moving yet again was harder than we had anticipated despite the fact that we really didn't like the villa over much. It is proving to be a challenge to "stay up". We really need to settle in and find a routine if we are going to make a go of life here for the next while. And we really need to unpack all our suitcases! And if I have to sleep in one more strange bed I'll scream ;)

The wet season is late starting this year, which means there has not been a let up to the heat and humidity. We met a couple who have just arrived here from NY USA to serve for 6 months in Managua and they commented how rough the heat was making things. Nice to know it's not just us!

Okay so here is my vent....I'm tired of the bugs and not being able to keep them out of the house, AT ALL! I'm tired of having my clothes always slightly wet and sticking to me. I'm tired of not being able to understand 99% of the people around me. I'm tired of things being dirty and seeing little dogs on the street struggling to survive. I'm tired of trying to prepare food in the heat (I could just cook it on my head, it would be faster!) I'm tired of walking everywhere and I'm tired of smiling through it all.

But to be honest, it's just a bad week. There is SO much good too. I'm just having trouble recalling it today! This is just another stage of adjustment. Nikki is in an almost constant state of supreme happiness (which means she talks none stop and is annoyingly cheerful) but Gary is beginning to struggle a little too. We spent the day in Managua today trying to find a few comfort things for the apartment (finding what you need can take a long time here where it is not a consumer society). Luxuries like a cheese grater and a paper towel dispenser! We feel confident that we will make it through this week and come out of it feeling better than ever.

Gary is now up to three studies, while I am still at one. I've been down with a cold, what can I say! Our new apartment comes complete with a dog and three cats (belonging to the owner of the complex). It is a lovely setting that was described to us as being like Melrose Place (never saw it, think it was on tv in the 90's). The biggest appeal to us is that it is smack in the centre of Granada, has a pool & cabana and above all, is very secure with night security. Our apartment is small but cute with amazing breezes and views as it is on the second floor.
So, now we have internet and I promise to spend the next couple of days catching up on personal e-mails.


Garrett said...

Hey guys it is Garrett! I am over at Marias house with Julie, Maria and Lauren about to start letter writing. Julie showed me your blog so I will now be able to see what you’re doing and leave you comments! WOO. I know your all excited…but try and stay calm. I hope you guys are doing well….sorry about the bugs…that would drive me up the wall. We’re going to start soon so TTFN Ta Ta For Now!!!

Julie said...

Nikki no wonder you are so happy look at that gorgeous puppy! I want one! Love you.