Saturday, May 23, 2009

Decisions! HELP!

Hi Everyone, I know that I just wrote in the blog, but today we are faced with a big decision and any input would be valuable.

Oh and by the way, we had our first scorpion in the house last night! Yuck!!

So here is our dilema. We have just moved into this lovely accomodation. It is beautiful, has everthing except electric included, comes furnished, has a pool and is right in town. That said, it is the very top range of what we can afford to pay, it only has one bedroom and one closet, lacks a little in privacy as it is a complex, has no screens so bugs are an issue and it would be impossible to have a vehicle (no parking).

So now, to throw a spanner into the works, Rafael at bethel told us of a witness sister in our Spanish congregation that has a house she wants to rent at an incredibly good price to any need greaters who want it. It is BEAUTIFUL! Brand new (built for her daughter in the States who will come home to live in it one day). It's Brand New! Just being finished, it has 4 bedrooms, three bathrooms. Is on the family estate property so it is secure and private, with views of the volcano. It is completely sealed (screens/roof) from the outdoors so few bugs and has two outdoor covered patio areas. They are also planning on putting in a pool in the not too distant future. They have offered it to us at half of what we are currently paying means we have to get a car/vehicle since it is a 5 minute drive from town on a busy highway and it also means we have to buy furniture and appliances for it. Likely to the tune of about $4000. It also complicates things in that we have to pay all our own bills, which will still be much cheaper but just makes life more complicated in a country where language is still a barrier.

So that's the issue. And we have to decide today or tomorrow. I think it really boils down to how much we want to commit to Nicaragua as this new house would mean "setting up shop" and at this point, we haven't had to do that. Perhaps it's what we need. I have to admit, to have all my own, clean furniture would be nice. But again, a commitment.


P.S. Our kitty's are all doing awesome. Man, it is SOOO much work. They are eating out of the dropper much better now and are becoming quite aggressive about it. If we get this new house, we will keep two (or 4 :D) after all, they eat scorpions! And get a dog or two (security).Hmmmm! Talk about committment!


Joel said...

Hi Guys,

That is a hard decision! Do you think this is something that would make you feel more at home there? I know Jehovah will give you an ans. Sorry we are not much help. We are so proud of your family! Congratulations on the new additions. Hugs to all.

Joel, Leanne, Kiana and Shyler

SCESL said...

Ohhhh the suspense!

It's been three WHOLE days already ... where's the follow up already?!?

Can you tell I don't like cliffhangers?

Not that it matters any more, but I would live outside of town and get bicycles. Riding a bicycle is a very simple, healthy, enjoyable activity that the speed and laziness of modernity has made us forget. It is also nice to be able to get away from things at the end of a stressful day. With that said, you guys know your situation best, and I am sure whatever decision you make (made), you will find a way to make it work.