Monday, May 4, 2009

And then it rained......

We had our first taste of tropical rain last night. Around 3 am the heavens opened and torrents of water fell like someone had dumped a bucket on us. It was accompanied with distant lightening and thunder and was so spectacular to novices like ourselves, that Gary & I were unable to sleep through it and just had to get up and come into the main living area to watch it fall, filling the pool to overflowing. This was the first rain we have had since we arrived here almost three weeks ago and I have to admit, the monotony of the weather was getting to be a real drag.

The rain did not bring relief from the humidity that has been steadily building though, in fact, quite the opposite. Today is the most humid yet as the sun quickly starts evaporating the waters that fell. Until then, the birds and street animals are not doubt reveling in the abundance of water that until last night was so scarce. We had been watching little street dogs licking the green/black water from the disgusting channels running down the street to the sewers.

This morning we are off to a local lawyer to see about getting our papers translated for our visas. We have found a place to live (Santa Lucia Social Club) that while although a little more pricey and smaller than we would have liked, is beautiful and safe (including a pool!) for our first six months here, then we will reevaluate. So in just under two weeks, we move in there, literally around the corner from where we are now. Nikki has started to really settle in and is no longer clutching my arm for dear life whenever we walk anywhere. She has started to spread her wings with the language too and actually pipes us to say hello & goodbye to people in Spanish. Everyday we settle in and find a level of comfort, a little more.

Our speaker was a no show for the meeting yesterday and so after conducting the WT Gary had to pitch hit and give the talk also. I was very proud of him to be so versatile. He had competition though as a little street dog kept creeping up to the open side door and looking in while some of those in the audience hissed at him in order to shoo him away! It was adorable. Life will simply never be the same! We can’t help but notice how unfair it is that simply because of where we were born, we have so many more opportunities and privilege. What’s perhaps worse, is that we take it so much for granted!

Gary has a new study that he will do for the first time this week. I will never again complain about the ministry in the cold in Canada! Here, in the almost unbearable heat, we walk the 3 + KM to the hall for the group and then have been working a territory another 4+ km walk from there. Then once your done, you need to walk home! And forget coffee shops (or bathrooms). To test my metal, last Saturday we worked that territory for 3 hours (8-11) in the morning (then walked to town for a pizza and cold beer with Marlene & Lewis) only to have to return again at 4 to conduct a Bible Study. My feet were so swollen by night, that they literally felt like they were going to burst out of my skin. Gross!

But it is all good and to be honest, an amazing opportunity for personal growth for all of us! The little English Group here in Granada is growing and getting a real good spirit. We feel so honored to be a part of that.....most days :)


Julie said...

Jo and Gary,

I think I speak for all that read your blog, Thank You for your constant entries, we love you and when we "hear" from you this way we feel oh so much better!


Brooks' said...

Thanks So much Julie. We are struggling some days with feelings of isolation and hearing from home is a real boost. Next week we will have internet at home (and Skype) thank goodness. Though if I get any darker you may not be able to see me! I'm getting tired of being taken for a local. I've been asked alot if I am Cuban! Go figure! No one believes I am Nikki's Mom!!!!! Love ya!!!