Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gary vs Bella

The heat has been climbing daily with the humidity becoming a heavier burden for the body to bear. We are now hitting three digit temps without adding in the humidity factor, but it is soon going to break...any day now....any time.....PLEASE!! Locals tell us that May is the worst month (yesterday a expat from the southern States who has been living here for quite some time, described it as miserable). I have to admit, it’s getting old! Taking some of the shine off us...."winter" should start any day now, the rainy season they call invierno. Bring it on!

We are still having fun though and reveling in the new experiences we are able to enjoy. Yesterday we went on a horse back ride. Not like the ones we have had before in Canada, but the real cow boy style that we’ve always wanted to try. Nikki was in heaven. She rode Coco and was completely at home & in control, even though she had the biggest horse of the three of us. She rode with a natural grace, like she was made for it. I made out long as we didn’t run, at which point I was tossed around like a rag doll, not an elegant sight and today my behind is a mass of bruises!

Gary however, provided the comedic relief for the group. His horses (and I say horses because he went through three) were all somehow misbehaving on him and so from behind us at one point all we could hear was Gary saying "I’m not having very much fun", "I could get off and walk, really, I don’t mind" and "Please stop, whoa, how can I get him to stop?". To be fair his current horse, Bella, had decided she didn’t feel like having a rider anymore. Every step or two she tried to buck Gary off, who was holding on for dear life. And if any riders came up behind her, she kicked out as she apparently has issues with anyone behind her! And she wouldn’t stop or slow down! It was hilarious! Poor Gary. Bella was the definate winner of that round!

Eventually they took pity on him and traded his horse for one that the guide was riding (which was Gary’s original horse, Nelson, who when we started out wouldn’t move for him). Janice, the owner, said that it was the first time someone rode three different horses on one tour! If anyone comes to visit, it is a must do on the list on things to experience. We rode up through two villages, then through a deep "channel" to a rustic restaurant perched high above the Laguna De Apoyo, breathtaking! Janice then offered Nikki to come up any Saturday (even offered to come pick her up) for riding lessons, free of charge! We’ll have to see.

Wednesday evening the entire English group came over and treated us to a show of some traditional Nicaraguan dancing. We then spent the sweltering hot evening chatting and most of the younger ones enjoyed to coolness offered by the pool. Nicola has made fast friends with a couple of the young girls in the group who are in their late teens. It was a treat to see her having such a great time with them even if she wasn’t allowed to get her head wet due to her cut (which is healing up really well I’m pleased to report). The joy that Nicaraguans have in life is a real lesson for us. They have so very little, in comparison to those in the Western World as a whole, and have to work very hard yet they love life in a way that is humbling & inspiring to us.
We made a trip into Bethel this week too, with our Visa papers finally translated and ready to be submitted. It was an adventure getting there (as always on the public transport system) and we had our first ride in a tiny three wheeled little taxi that is more like a motor bike with a cart over it!

Tomorrow we move, finally....INTERNET!! I am very tired of moving and living out of suitcases and hope that finally, we can feel like we are at home.


Jennifer Barker said...

Hi Brooks Family, Jennifer Barker (Harlow) here. My brother inlaw, Josh, told me about your blog so I've checked it out. Sounds like you're adapting well and making wonderful memories!!! Take care!!

Joanna Brooks said...

Hi Jennifer, great to hear from you! Messages from home are always a highlight of our day! Say hi to your family for us