Monday, March 2, 2009

In Ontario

We're what?

The air smells like home, funny how you remember things like that. The weather is a much drier cold than Nova Scotia so we find that we feel overly warm every where we go....while everyone else is still cold. Shows how your body adjusts to temperatures according the where you are. Hope it keeps up the good work in Nicaragua....that'll be a big adjustment!

There is no snow around which means we've been able to get out for some lovely walks already. We had forgotten how big the squirrels are giant rats! But much cuter :)

We went to the hall in Dudas yesterday...what an awesome family we belong to. A lovely couple named Maracle took us under their wings, picked us up and introduced us around....even sat with us. They were in bethel & international construction for a number of years and were most encouraging and informative about our journey ahead. The really neat thing is that we later found out that they are good friends with the couple we have been conversing with who live in Nicaragua (who we have yet to actually meet). It's such a small world we belong to.....means I always have to behave!! Drat!

Off to Collingwood tomorrow, an opportunity to meet up with old friends we haven't seen for close to 10 years. We still weary from the journey so far but it doesn't look like we'll catch up on sleep this week!

We are missing our friends in Nova Scotia already. Even missing some aspects of Nova Scotia already. Such a slow, loving, down to earth culture, if that't the right word. Don't forget us guys!

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