Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Rubber Glove Treatment for Gary!

Much to my keen disappointment, Gary made it through the US Border without being hassled! Nikki & I were all ready with the camera...I mean, all prepared to be supportive, but it was all for nought. We were rudely interrogated by a woman guard (who Gary announced he would not want to wake up beside) but then told to "just go". We actually had to be told twice as we were so surprised :) "Are you sure?"

So late yesterday we arrived in "paradise" for three weeks or R&R before we head to Nicaragua. My Aunt & Uncle have a lovely home on a River in Dalton MA where they have kindly given Gary & I the whole upper apartment to ourselves (privacy at long last) while Nikki is in the main house in the "Noah's Ark" room. We're thinking this may be a lot cushier than where we're heading so were going to enjoy it thoroughly.

Our time in Ontario flew by....and we were completely exhausted by the end of it. So many people to visit and things to get in place for leaving. Nikki came down with a nasty flu bug which really affected our plans, and was out for a solid four days. Leaving the country was emotional, it's so "safe" at home in Canada and now our plans seem to be much more a reality, like the journey has begun in earnest.

I've just been called for lunch so must cut it short. Memorial campaign begins this week and we are really looking forward to that. As well, Julie has suggested a visit to Brooklyn for a day. They still have many friends there so it will be a new experience for Nikki to get to see all the inner workings. We will try and fit in the Bronx Zoo too! I will take lot s of pics.....promise!

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