Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Bronx Zoo

What an amazing day. A three hour drive took us into the heart of the Bronx and the amazing zoo found there in! We all loved it. An incredible variety of animals and gorgeous architecture made it an awe inspiring day, the beauty & diversity of God's creative work! The Giraffe even spat water at Gary which was a real highlight for everyone! Proof of Jehovah's sense of humor!

We stayed until the very last minute possible, and when we were finally kicked out with sore feet and wind burnt faces, we headed into the Bronx for a stop at an authentic Market, a famous bakery, a delicious Italian pastry shop & finally a little pizza joint that made awesome stone oven pizza. You should have seen Gary driving in the rush hour traffic, I was so proud! It was a vibrant area that I could have spent days in, just wandering the streets. Exciting smells & sounds, interesting people and stores. The quality of the culture was astounding and addicting.

I even witnessed an accident while we were there. A taxi was double parked on the narrow, busy street and the lady getting out simply opened her door, directly into the path of a firetruck whizzing by. The door was bent completely backwards and the noise echoed down the street. It was cool :)
As we were leaving a lone figure approached the car clutching a plastic baggy full of papers.......an elderly black sister doing street work in the heart of the city! Heart warming to see her faith and to know that where ever you go, our family is there.

Oh, the excitement!

Two weeks to go till we leave for Nicaragua.....we are very eager!

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Joel said...

You guys look so happy. We are looking forward to seeing how things are going to be in your new home. We would like to visit as soon as possible.
The Brydons