Monday, February 23, 2009

Suitcase Phobia........

Today is the Monday of the dreaded last week.....

Overwhelming! I packed up almost all my remaining clothes today, save for a few things for the next couple of days. The butterflies in my tummy turned into ragging bulls! To see our life packed up in mere bags heading towards an uncertain/unseen future is a daunting prospect. If I had to make the decision to go again today...I'm not sure I'd have the courage! Here is so safe :)

Our flight leaves here on Thursday, mid day. West Jet, our favorite! It will be a relief to be on the flight. No turning back then! Ontario for three weeks, then Mass, USA with my Aunt for three weeks, then we fly out of Boston April 13, just after the memorial (want to get that in English so we understand what is happening !!)

Our ducks that we have been feeding while staying in this little cottage these last three months, have grown from a crew of about 10 to a massive flock of about 100 most days. When we wake up and open the curtains in the morning, you see all their little heads come up, as they wait patiently in the LaHave River. Then up they come for their morning feed. It's done our heart wonders to watch Nikki lead them down in the morning to then bench for a feed on corn. She sits there in her house coat and scarf, feeding the brave ones out of her hand while she chatters away to them all. It so many ways, our brief time here had been very us a chance to catch our breath and prepare for the journey ahead.

And now it has come to an end........I think I'll go and put another pot of coffee on!!

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