Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meeting Arturo & Ajah

Meeting the Manzanares was a real highlight of our time here so far. They seem really excited about their new missionary assignment in Nicaragua. They are arriving before us and are looking forward to the memorial tract work to get them into the groove. They had been at Patterson before going to Gilead and had gone to Nicaragua for a week last year. They said they loved it.

We are getting anxious to get on with it. Get into a routine. We still have just over two and a half weeks till we arrive in Nicaragua. If it doesn't come soon, I may get cold feet.........the reality and feelings of vulnerability are creeping up on me.

I'm sick with a nasty sinus cold....bring on the warm weather :)


The Haines' said...

You have a comment, you have a comment!

Hey Jo Jo,
Love your blog, makes us feel we are in on all the action :)!
Keep em coming.
Miss ya,
The Haines'

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys, hope this is successful as I have never attempted to respond to a Blog before.Both Caron and I have been reading yours with interest and enjoyment, and wish you all every success with your venture, Will be thinking of you all and look forward to hearing your news. keep the blogs going. Take care Love to you all. Dad and Caron.x