Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Made it!!!

I could cry with joy as I write the heading to this post. This is unbelievable! The day was very long, we arrived at the Managua airport (which was surprisingly modern) at 2 am our time and were immediately rocketed into chaos and people suddenly started moving very quickly and we were pulled along with the crowd. We'd seen an American couple who obviously spoke excellent Spanish ahead of us, so we made it our goal to keep up with them (stalkers :D) incase we ran into trouble.....and thanks to Jehovah, we didn't. I almost kissed the ground when we pulled our last suitase off the carousal. A Spanish fellow had grabbed a cart for us and took charge of our luggage with without us asking so we were then responsible to tip him. Oh well, we were tired anyway.

I again gave silent thanks as we headed for customs and saw through the glass to outside, a smiling man with the name of our hotel and our names waving furiously to us. He was adorable...Anthony. We were waved through customs without a back ward glance and then next thing we knew we were hurtling through cobble stone streets (trying to avoid the dogs, one looked like Honey) weaving in around traffic and 20 minutes later.....this amazing hotel. I don't care what the bill is when we leave. This place is heavenly.

We settled into sleep around 4 am our time and were woken up this morning at 8 am our time by the bird song out the window overlooking the courtyard. The ceiling of the bathroom is glass and hanging overhead are massive mango & palm trees. We couldn't stay in bed and headed out in our PJ's to wander through the "hot house' which is what outdoors feels like already at 6.30 their time!! Like the Royal Botanical Gardens Mediteranian Indoor Gardens.

We just finished a heaving traditional breakfast of the best coffee I've ever had (Nikki had freshly made Melon Juice) Rice & Beans, Fresh local cheese lightly fried, eggs, sausage and tortilla. Even Nikki loved it. Oh yeah, and it was topped with an Jalopeno pepper.

Sorry, I have so much to say and could just go on, but the family is waiting for the pool. We will get back in touch. Oh yes and did I tell you that I just told the waiter that the breakfast was "Muy Benito" which Nikki tells me is actually "Very pretty"!! Oh well :)


Julie said...

Gary, Jo and Nikki, (AKA Mikki Morgan)

We are so glad you are safe, lots of prayers on your behalf. Sure miss seeing those PJ's!


Morgan Clan

Joel said...

Hi Guys,

We feel like we are experiencing everything with you. Glad you are keeping us all in the loop. We are sooooooooo excited! WOW, a hole new life! All our love.

Joel, Leanne, Kiana and Shyler

Gillian said...

Hmm, Mikki Morgan huh? Well, I'm not sure you want to hear from me about that. But wishing you well in your new adventure.