Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Things That Go Chirp in The Night!

Today started much the same as all the days do apparently this time of year, no need to check the weather report, hot, no chance of rain with an occasional wisp of clouds.

Just before we headed to bed last night, I wanted to roll up the blinds to peak outside. Much to my horror a pale colored House Gecko rushed across the window just inches from where my hand was. Talk about an adrenaline rush! That wasn’t to be the last time they made themselves known though as they communicate to each other with LOUD chirps, all through the night. Our one consolation was the knowledge that they were eating up any little insects they found. One of the sisters told us this morning that all the houses have them in and most people don’t mind them since they do eat bugs.

I spent most of the night dreaming about scorpions & tarantulas (active imagination) and when I needed to get up mid night I refused to set foot out of the bed until I woke Gary up to get me a flash light J Nikki slept like a log, she needed it!! The heat of the day and the lack of sleep the night before had really taken it’s toll on her. This morning she is again her regular ray of sunshine (mixed with occasional thunder storm).

Breakfast was awesome (although we didn’t understand a word of morning worship). Local bananas which were much sweeter than home, then a fresh bun with a tray of Swiss cheese, onion, ham, tomato, olives & my favorite, JalapeƱo peppers! My tummy is loving it! The coffee is amazing and we have noticed that they heat the milk (not cream) for it, giving you a beautiful steaming cup of strong, non bitter coffee. At the end of the meal, the Brother again came on to dismiss the meal and we heard our name and the word Canada and then a whole lot more. I asked the Brother (Moses) at the head of our table if they were saying nice things about us…..he said mostly! Anyway, they applauded heartily afterwards. A Brother we had met yesterday, Pedro, came over after the meal and was talking to Gary and Moses and told Moses that he hadn’t understood a word we said to him….and we were speaking Spanish…….back to the drawing board!!

So my day has barely begun and I have already had so much to say. Sorry. I want to have all our experiences down so we don’t forget anything. It’s like being a child all over again and everything is new and exciting.

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