Friday, April 17, 2009

First Real Day in Nicaragua

I'm sending this from an internet cafe that makes to die for Latte's! We don't have internet at the villa. It makes us feel VERY isolated.

The villa is everything we hoped it would be....and a whole lot more. Amazing. I've told Gary that it's what I want him to build for me in the new system. Stunning. Nikki has been living in the pool!

The trip here was an adventure that I at first thought I could live without. The taxi arrived, it was supposed to be an SUV but it was instead a tiny little compact car....for all three of us and our luggage! I didn't think we would make it but he pulled it & shoved it and eventually had it all in but one large suitcase that was hanging out of the trunk tied on precariously with some string!! Nikki was having a heart attack, I said it was okay as long as it was Gary's case :)

We poured ourselves into the back seat (since the front was FULL of cases)the three of us, in almost 100 degrees F with the windows shut. I tried to open the window but it didn't work, and neither did the door when I tried to open it. My heart started racing and claustrophobia started to set in. The driver said he would turn the air on, and then we were off. The road noise was horrendous inside the car....not helping!! We kept bottoming out on bumps! Eventually I talked my panic down in my head and eventually as the air cooled down, we started to enjoy the journey. It was actually a really good road to Granada.

I have so much to say, Gary & Nikki are getting ansy....we went to the market for dinner food. Chaos. I LOVED it, Nikki found it a little overwhelming. Gary was on high alert :) Quite the adventure!

The evening set in and outside the house was loud with people in the street, kind of scary when you can't understand a word that is being said. We felt a little overwhelmed and wondered how we were going to manage. So much to learn. For the first time, we doubted ourselves. We went to bed early (as has become our routine bed at 9 up at 6) and this morning...knock knock ....Hola....the local entire field service group of them with the brother "in charge" of the group being an English teacher here! Thanks Jehovah!!!! We invited them in for a drink and cookies and spend a half hour with them. The brother who teaches English is coming back with his family this evening for a visit. He has offered to teach us Spanish (which I know is going to be the making of us here).

The maid came this morning, I hated it. So awkward. I'd rather do it all myself. She's sweet though, must be around 18.

Oh yes, and we found our first cockroach this morning. It was dying but huge non the less. Gotta get used to the bug life around us.....quickly! Loads of Geiko's here too. The streets are all really narrow which will take some getting used to.

So much to say but I have to cut it short. I will write at home tomorrow and simply up load when we get to the cafe.

So much love to you all. Being away makes us appreciate you all so much more :) And you all speak English which rocks!!!

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