Thursday, April 16, 2009

Being Thrown from The Nest!

We considered chaining ourselves to the home overseer and refusing to go but to no avail! Today we are being tossed out of the nest to learn to fly on our own. Reality is at our door and it looks a little scary........

And Giekos are no longer my friend or considered cute......! We have not one but three sharing our apartment with us and they chirp so loudly that one sister said when she first heard the sound she thought it was someone at the door. It's a knocking sound and with three of them communicating to each other it was like Nikky Nikky Nine Doors here last night. With all the tales of scorpion & trantuals that we have been hearing it set me on edge for bed (Raphael was telling us that he stood on a scorpion in the shower just recently). Nikki wouln't put her feet down to the bottom of the sheets!

But it is all still good and the morning bird song and all the hugs from the family here have set us up good for the day ahead.

I'm not sure when we will next have internet. We leave here in one hour. We can't wait to stop leaving out of the suitcases for a month! Will update as soon as we can. Love to all!!!!!!!!

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