Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Singing "Hot, Hot, Hot"........

Sorry for the lateness of this post. There are a number of contributing factors. My best excuse is that our computer has crashed and we are reduced to begging Nikki for time on hers....and she, we have discovered, she is not good at sharing :/ We thought we had done so well with her....

The pictures are not even particularly fitting for the blog I am writing, we are also down to begging for use of her camera since our good one was among the things stolen...and as I have mentioned, that doesn't work very well for us......One is of the local high school band marching; one is us with Debbie out for the day swimming; one is a common sight here, a horse wandering around looking for something to eat; one of Gary on one of his studies that Nikki took (I think he simply got in the way, she was shooting for the bird in the cage!) one of Gary on our patio; one of Nikki cooling down in the courtyard and finally, one of Gary sick last week in bed (he took his temperature constantly. Nikki & I were killing ourselves laughing, poor guy.)

Another factor has been the over whelming heat that makes you want to do nothing but sit very still and not think too hard. I wonder if it, along with the high humidity, may have contributed to our computer giving up on life. One of the local friends in the group told us at the meeting for service this morning that yesterday was one of the hottest days on record. The rainy season has simply failed to be rainy, so far. Today with the humidex we were at 114 degrees! And it felt it. Without, we were still at 97. The sweat literally runs down your back in streams while you just stand there, so you can imagine the effort it takes to walk in service! I even googled "sweaty upper lip" yesterday as it is the first time in my life that this is happening to me. I notice it on every one. It feels awful and I was hoping to find a way to combat's not a good look for me! Then again, neither is the wet patch on my butt & back!

It feels shameful to complain though as we have this lovely home to come back to and at least have AC in our bedrooms. One of my studies is a school teacher and I noticed this week that her father is a MD as his Diploma was on the wall. Yet they live in a house with no windows, only a front door to let in breeze, no ceiling, only the bare hot tin roof and certainly no AC. In fact I have never even seen a fan. Electricity here is prohibitively expensive and most people can barely afford lights, let alone "luxuries".

Our English group is growing and was described recently by the Branch as "stable" which is very satisfying for all of us here. Our Sunday meetings have almost doubled in attendance over the last couple of months with about 1/3 of the attendance usually being Bible Studies. Being in a group presents some unique challenges and we are learning so much and being challenged in ways we never imagined. It's been a tremendous learning curve for us as a family.

We rented a car for a number of jobs we had to do in the city over the weekend and it was heaven. It made us feel human for a couple of days. It was our first time really driving here and it went well. We now have our Missionary Visas (Cedulas) which are valid for a year...and to be honest at this point that is what we are shooting for. A year. Then we will re-evaluate. We are watching carefully how everything affects Nikki.

We started back to our home school schedule this week which felt really good. We really do enjoy it and I learn so much (who knew there were 5 kingdoms for all life to fit into??) so it brings us really close and we have a laugh. Gary was really sick last week with a high fever but he seems to be much better this week, it was a discouraging start to his year of pioneering though.

Boring stuff this Even the glue sniffing garbage pickers have been missing in action this week no doubt due to the heat. Bring on the rain!

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