Tuesday, September 22, 2009

La Boquita Beach

We escaped the heat of Granada for the day at headed to a "new to us" Pacific Ocean beach just over an hour away. Although far less known than San Juan Del Sur it was, we voted, much more beautiful and true to the flavour of Nicaragua.

As we arrived about 6 men came running at our vehicle. That was not bad grammar, they literally ran AT us! The beach is dead mid week so I guess we were treated to the extra attention. They stood in our way and all started madly gesturing, jostling for the closest positions to the car. After getting over the shock and using some Spanglish, we eventually realised that these men were paid to bring customers into the various restaurants on the beach. I use the term "restaurants" loosely as they are basically just open thatched lean to's with sand floors where they will serve you food and allow you to use make use of their shade (and blaring music) for the day.
We settled on one (with the promise of cheap lobster) and agreed to pay some young kids to watch our vehicle. Once in and settled, the price for the lobster went up considerably! After much negotiation and arm flailing, it was brought back down to reasonable price....and let me tell you, it was the best Lobster & Shrimp (which were MASSIVE) that we have ever had (sorry folks back home in Nova Scotia, it's true). It took over an hour for them to prepare it for us. They cook in a little shed over an open fire. The rice tasted like smoke (delicious). The wait was not a problem though as we made good use of the empty beach and the best waves we have ever been in. At one point Nikki & I were rolled under one which really frightened her and bashed up my knee but she was soon back out after a few tears.
The Lobster platters eventually came out. They had been marinated and then cooked with a glorious concoction of garlic, onions, green pepper & celery minced together with a blend of oil and seasonings smothering them. I had 8 shrimp, the size of small lobsters with claws full of meat cooked similarly. Gary had the Lobster & we shared. Debbie & Steve had ordered one platter to share but soon realised it was not enough of this amazing treat and ordered a second one!
We shared the restaurant with a menagerie of animals, including a number of large pigs! It was a riot watching the largest pig dig around in the sand for some scraps and then take herself off down to the Ocean for a roll around in the surf! A family group of Nicaraguan later arrived and were frolicking around in the water, fully dressed in dress pants/skirts and tops! Towards evening a group of surfers arrived providing us with a stunning display of their prowess over the crashing waves.
It was a gloriously sunny, relaxing day. We arrived home in our rented car late in the evening, ready for a week of busy activity. Monday's are our day off and we are making the most of them! We woke up this morning. looked at each other and said tongue in cheek "wonder what the weather will be like today!" Ha. Hot, humid and sunny!

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The Haines Family said...

So glad to hear you had a blast! Thanks for rubbing it in about the lobster!! It looks awesome, I want some! Now! :)

Hope you plan lots of fun days on that beach in the future :)