Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Zip Lining.......

When anyone comes for a visit, a zip lining canopy tour of Mombacho is at the top of our must do list. What an incredible experience. Even the journey there on the worst excuse for a road we have ever seen, was a real rush. The slow winding climb up the volcano through thick gorgeous jungle is alone worth the money. The zip lining was the icing on the cake. I was concerned that Nikki wouldn't be able to do it. It proved to be both physically & mentally challenging. But she was better than me (when am I going to get used to this) and swung through the trees like Tarzan....

Pat & Debbie, visiting from Canada, were great companions and we had a hoot. We heard (but sadly failed to see) the howls from the 10,000's of Howler Monkeys that make this jungle their home. We saw an incredible array of colourful butterflies and some fruits and foliage that we have never seen or heard of before (we even tasted some). Gary was unimpressed with my technique (after I hit a couple trees)....but I can't blame him as after two lines on my own of which I failed to brake and rammed into the poor guy on the other end, Freddie, the poor guy trying to catch me suggested for the next couple of lines I ride with him. Riding on his lap was much more comfortable :) The hardest part for me, and perhaps the rest, was the 65 ft drop off the last platform that we had to repel down. It was such a great experience and I cannot even begin to do justice to a description of the views!

It was a gorgeous day. It comes for us in the middle of a very busy week as tomorrow we are off to finally purchase the Hyundai Galloper that we have been hanging our nose over. Yesterday we also settled on terms for a new home in Granada. We upped our budget and the place we found is gorgeous and safe. It offers tons of room for company....this time with 24 hour water and even air conditioning. It is right in the heart of Granada which allows for a great night life and perfect for pioneering. We move (again) Saturday. Very excited...but exhausted at the thought :/

Life is good in Nicaragua and we have enjoyed seeing friends from home....and the goodies they brought us (Nikki once again has shorts to fit her!) The weather continues to improve as the heat abates and the rain and breeze pick up. We had lunch the other week at the Missionary Home which was not only delicious but also extremely encouraging. We received some much needed hints and tips on making life in a third world country work for us. We have begun to see that difficulties that don't kill you.....do certainly help to improve you. And we can certainly use that :)



Isaac and Grace said...

Hey there my peeps! I still love reading your blog and find real encouragement in your sticking to your new assignment despite difficulties. Live long and blog!

The Haines Family said...

Hey Guys, the zip line sounds soooo fun! I've always wanted to try it.
Can't wait to see pics of the new place, sounds like just what you need.

Love ya.