Friday, August 7, 2009

Ahhhhh.....Corn Island! Paradise Found! (Part 3 of 3)

Okay, now I'm going to need to shut up and just let the pictures show you. Absolutely heavenly! We honestly did very little except relax, swim and a little snorkeling. To be honest, there is not much more you can do on this tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Not even eat (again, no grocery store. There isn't even any little stores to wander through. And the food was not particularly tasty...except perhaps the lobster & shrimp).

Again, we had found a hotel on line that looked really good and had good write ups...but turned out to be a horrid mouldy dump. We spent an hour or so doing a circle of the Island (a good way to see everything) on the only road they have and checking out all the hotels as we have now learnt that you just can't go by the hand book. Again, the only decent place to stay, which was also the most expensive was an incredible place called Casa Canada....owners from guess where?? It was beyond beautiful and is of itself a reason to visit this Island. Anywhere else it would be hundreds of dollars a night but here and with a little negotiating on Gary's part we got it for under a $100.

I can only say look at the pictures to see what it offered. It consists of 21 or so cabins right on the ocean with views like nothing I have ever seen before!

Gary, Nikki & Steve spent a lot of time down at the little beach area in front of the hotel looking for beach glass and stones. They came home with a treasure trove of goodies, refusing to leave any behind. The pool is called an infinity pool and is designed to look like you are swimming right in the ocean and it really does. Surrounding you are palms trees swaying in the constant breeze and 180 degrees of water view from up high. The grounds are manicured with fountains and greenery and the sound of the crashing waves is a constant reminder of where you are. It was the perfect place to relax and regroup.

Okay I didn't do a good job of shutting up....but I could have said so much more.

After 4 glorious days we were ready to leave. Unfortunately the tiny plane (the picture of us getting on) we were on going home was filled to the brim and they waited with the doors shut and no air on in the stifling humid heat on the runway for a few minutes too long....and I had a panic attack....claustrophobia that I usually manage to control. It was awful. The first one I have EVER had. I yelled for them to stop, when blinding panic over took my control, as they began to head down the runway, which they did. They turned to take me back but I told them not to because, then what? I knew I had to get off the Island and this was the only way.
My friends and a little Nikki hand came to the rescue. Debbie gave me a pill (which took about 1/2 hour to kick in) and Steve offered me his head phones. I sang kingdom songs in my head as we took off....but still had horrid panic rising in my chest & throat threatening to overtake my tenuous control. It was awful. I thought I was going to start screaming and that they would have to do an emergency landing...where I don't know. It was one of the hardest thing I have ever had to battle in my life. I didn't think I was going to get it under control. But after about 1/2 hour the little pill kicked in which took the edge off and I did accounting in my head with my eyes closed. It was the longest journey of my life. My poor family and friends were so concerned, as was the pilot (poor guy) who kept turning around to look at me at which time I would smile and give him the thumbs up (faker). So now I am looking for ways to deal with that if it ever happens again. I think once it happens to you, just the fear of it could make it happen again in a tight space like that. I need to learn to control it better. Even writing about it now is bringing it back to the fore.

So anyway, we are home and rested. What a wonderful trip. We are now off today to look at another house. We know that moving again is not an option, it is a necessity. Being away helped clear our heads. You can't live without water like this. Not if we want to last here. So the search is underway.......


Anonymous said...

Ok last picture of everyone existing aircraft I don't see claustimodo lol

Deborha Garbutt
Collingwood Ont

Life With Morgan's said...

Hey Deborha, it was nice to see you on the blog!

Gary, that fish you are eating looks revolting, what did it taste like??

Julie Morgan

The Haines Family said...

Hey Jo, So happy to hear you had a good vacation! Looks more like the pictures we drooled over with you before you moved :) Sorry to hear about what happened on the flight, just reading it got me emotional, can't imagine how you felt. But sounds like you punched that one in the stomach too :)
Friends of ours went without water for 5 days (landlords fault) and said it was a nightmare. Good decision on the move, can't wait to see the new place.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo,
I know I am always last (but faithful nontheless). Was it the same plane that you came to the island on? You sound very brave about it and sharing the experience is brave too. As always your pics are just amazing.