Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pictures of the New House

A million thanks for all the e-mails and support we have received.

Here are a few pictures of the new place. It is a step up that's for sure but under the current circumstances we are really grateful that we made the leap. I didn't take a picture of it from the road as I didn't want to go outside and flash Nikki's camera around. It is bright yellow with a little garden at the front, a space for a car and a 10 ft fence with spikes on the top followed by razor wire. We are feeling less vulnerable with each passing day. There are a number of foreign owned homes on the block and collectively they hire a security guard for the street during the day. That also provides peace of mind.

Funny this morning, as I was putting out the garbage, two glue sniffers walked by. One made a u turn and then sat on the road and proceeded to go through the smelly (very smelly, old chicken scraps were inside) contents. I had locked the gate and yelled out "Senior, No!" to which he simply cast me a cursory glance & continued collecting things. The lady across the street smiled at me and gestured that he is a glue sniffer then shrugged. I stood for a few minutes watching him and then went inside. It felt weird having someone go through your garbage. I kept checking back as I was sure I would have a mess to clean up when he was done, but surprisingly enough, he was a tidy garbage picker as when he was done he put all the stuff not worth taking (as opposed to the treasure trove of plastic bags & pop bottles???) back in the bag and tied it back up!! Weird!
So that was the excitement this morning. We are loving having air conditioning again as well as the convenience of being back in town, not to mention the luxury of round the clock water. The picture of the back building is where the three bedrooms are, the master one being on the top floor. They all include large bathrooms, air conditioning as well as walk in closets...we are feeling very spoiled. We are currently all sleeping in the same room until we regain some confidence.
I give my first talk in Spanish tonight. It's a cheat really as one of the local sisters helped me in writing it. I understand everything I say although the pronunciation will prove to be challenging. I'm very nervous. Gary did an excellent job of his reading last week.
More to come........

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The Haines Family said...

Hey Guys, Congrats on the awesome new place!!! We are so happy for you :)