Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scorpion Homestead!

Okay, That's It!!

Today we caught a large scorpion scurrying across our floor. This is number 5!!! And the biggest, nassssstiest looking one!! What a nocturnal hunter was doing out in the middle of day in my living room is beyond me!

We asked before we moved in and were assured that they were not likely in the immediate area, we've asked endless amounts of other people who say that they don't have them, "haven't even seen them here". Yet....we are blessed with them in abundance....everywhere we go!! Even in Nikki's bed this week! I use a flash light now when I go to the bathroom at night (there are some place you REALLY don't want to be stung!) What to do????

We are going to be pro active and work on spraying the perimeter of the house and sealing off any areas they may be able to enter. We are also training our "killer cats"! Water is still a big issue in this house (so far we only seem to have a good supply of water about 20% of the time) so we will try and get the landlord to deal with this issue (emergency water supply tank) and if they won't we may have to look around....again....for something suitable. I can't believe I'm saying that and really hope it won't come to that. We are going to try and work with this house as much as we can. It really is beautiful!! Our heads are spinning!

On the WAY up side, we went up San Marcos yesterday. What a beautiful paradise! In the hills so it is cooler and much lusher vegetation. The towns are small and it is a little more rural than I would like, but it really is gorgeous. The brothers and sisters that we had lunch with there (from both Canada & USA) were lovely. It was an awesome day! One town we drove through on the 40 minute drive (Masatepe) is the furniture capital of the country and the sides of the roads are chalk full of small shops showcasing all the solid wood offerings of handcrafted furniture for crazy prices! We look forward to going back and doing some shopping once we have a vehicle. We had gone up to view a Toyota Hilux Surf that was for sale. We have since discovered that although the owner swears that it is a 1994 (he won't hear that it isn't) it is actually a 1989. Without a doubt! Only in Nicaragua! We are negotiating as it really is in good shape and the perfect vehicle for Central America (4x4, Diesel).
Nikki is sick with a high fever as of last night. We are keeping a close eye on her. There is so much it could be! If it's not down and back to normal by tomorrow we may take her into the private hospital in Managua. She is in good spirits though so I think she will bounce back! We received word last week that our Missionary Visa's will be ready for the 17 of this month so that is very exciting! Typically, our tourist visa expires on the 13th so we will have to pay a penalty for the days it is over but it won't amount to too much! On the other hand, if we are deported for the couple days difference we may be looking for a place to live.....in Canada....;)
Love to all!


The Haines Family said...

Oh,oh, don't go to Cananda, we'll be in Ecuador by the 22nd, you could keep our apartment warm until then, and we could hang out! :)

Marcos y Elizabet said...

Ewh scorpians - how gross! I am glad we don't have too many bugs here to contend with.
Hope Nikki is better soon - it's always a worry as to what strange bugs there is to pick up in this neck of the wood eh?