Monday, July 20, 2009

Political Moods.....

Yesterday was the big celebration in Managua for the Sandinista Government. We watched from our front window as bus after bus of cheering, red flag waving Nicaraguans headed into the city to join in the festivities. No less than 15 buses, with people hanging out the windows and sitting on top, sped past the house singing and shouting slogans. Police & emergency vehicles joined in the procession with their sirens wailing. We were hesitant to leave to catch a bus the other way into the meeting. Yesterday was called "Happy Day" and today is a holiday so government offices are closed.

Today in the news we see that Ortega has announced that he feels, much like the Honduran President, that he should be allowed to stay in power despite the laws in place to stop that from happening. Similar to what already happened in Venezuela. For a country that has had so little peace, this ignites much passion among the people. No doubt interesting days lay ahead......we will keep a close eye on it.

So, updates;

One of Gary's studies is a teacher at the local University. He has asked Gary to come in this week and make a biblical presentation to his class. Very exciting.

We are now up to 10 scorpions that we have found in the house.....and counting.

The water issue continues to be a real drain (no pun intended). Last week from Thursday at 2 pm until Saturday at 6 am we had none! Saturday was on from 6 to 4 but only a trickle and then finally Sunday during the day was okay. Today, we are out again! We will try and talk to the owner's one more time.

We have seen a vehicle that looks like it will work for us. A 2000 Hyundai 4X4 Galloper. A Special Pioneer Couple are selling it at the Branch. We are in the process of trying to get funds from Canada to here. Not as easy as one would think......

We have booked our flights to Bluefields for the Special Assembly Day and then on from there to Corn Island for 4 days of R&R, snorkeling and lobster! July 31 we leave. Can't wait.

Little Kitty Boots was taken to the vets and diagnosed with a bacterial infection so he has had meds and is one the mend....and the diarrhea all over the house (try cleaning that up without water!) is slowing down. He has started to gain weight back again and we think we have found both him & Fresca really good homes. Until they are 100% we will keep them then they go to their forever homes. A heart breaking decision but we are relieved now that it is made.

I think that's it. Appreciate all the e-mails from home and comments on the blog. It helps keep us sane :)



Big John said...

Hi folks I have been folling your exploites for a while since Linda haines told me about your Blog
Bryan and Deena Haines left today 22/july for Ecuador for a couple of years for a start anyway, we sure are going to miss them in the Cong
May Jehovah continue to bless your endeavors as I am sure he will
Your Brother
John H

Brooks' said...

Nice to hear from you!! We are very excited to hear/read about Bryan & Dena's journey! Ecuador sounds beautiful, especially the area they are heading to! Exciting times no matter where we are.
Cheers! Brooks'