Saturday, June 20, 2009

Laguna Du Apoyo....Breathtaking!

We have yet to make it for a swim in pristine Laguna but we were able to enjoy the incredible beauty again yesterday at a restaurant overlooking it. The friends we were with suggested we go for a days relaxation and swim there this week coming so we are really looking forward to that. The restaurant we ate at was "wall-less" and had a thatch roof. We all had lovely chicken dinners starting with salads and then with served with rice and homemade salsa's for about $4 US each. I'm not sure I can cook for that....not sure I want to :)

Before going for dinner we had spent the afternoon at Masaya Market, which really is a facinating exciting place (where we had lunch at a vendor for our first time. A fried chicken meal for under $2). We were picking things up for the new place (yes, we moved again. Don't ask! This IS that last time......). The deals to be had are incredible. Hardwood stools, handmade, 2 for $12! A collection of 6 handmade baskets of all different sizes and styles $5. Nikki got a turquoise necklace for $2. We also bought, which was actually my main goal, two large "sling chairs" with wooden frams for $18 each. Hand crafted. I picked up a couple pieces of ceramics which Masaya is also famous for. All in all, it was a really fun day shopping. Bartering for the best price is at times, half the fun! On your bad days, it is extremely annoying!

The water in our new place turns off at 5 in the evening and isn't back on again until 5 in the morning. My first job when I wake up is to fill a load of buckets with fresh water for the evening ahead. Some days it feels like we've gone back in time 100 years. I do now have a washing machine so after a month of handwashing, I feel like the richest woman in the world. And smell better too ;) Our first morning here we awoke to the load sound of Mooing. A herd of cattle had gotten loose and made themselves at home all around the house. It was quite the spectacle!

We continue to have great success in the ministry although much to my chagrin, most of my good calls are with men who I then have to turn over to Gary. One of the ones we reached when we first arrived is progressing really well and attending almost all the meetings. He even commented the other night at the book study! It seems that in the English territory, we find more men that speak English than women, apparently due to the better education available to them. We catch the bus into the service group now at 7.30 am for the 8 am group. Today we must have walked at least 10 kms in service. I had to get groceries on the way home and Nikki and I carried them all the way back home on the bus while Gary went on another two studies. Life is never boring! The bus driver misunderstood me (my poor Spanish) and dropped us off at least 1 km from the house. It was a challenging walk home on the side of the highway :) I imagine we looked quite the sight!

And so, as you can understand.......we are now on the hunt for a vehicle. They are pricey here and usually in really rough shape so it is likely to prove to be quite a challenge. Big surprise! We are confident that it will fall into place though! I'll keep you updated!


Joel said...

Hi Brook's!

How is the move going?

Got a question for Gary. Do you wear ties in service? Was looking at the previous picture, or were you done service at that point? Can you wear shorts?

Lots of Luv the Brydon's (Joel and family)

Brooks' said...

No ties for service. And no jackets for the meetings....tempted to come? Sorry though, no shorts!