Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We have added three new critters to our repertoire here at Santa Lucia Social Club. Two cute, one not so much! The first one is a new Gecko (see the picture above) He is much more aggressive than our normal gecko’s and won’t move even if you flick water at him (that’s experience talking). He has a orange/red head (in fact I think they call him a red head Gecko) and a grey/green body. From what I read though he is harmless, although, trust me I looked him up! Especially after he was sat on my head band and refused to move when I tried to get it! He is currently sitting in our bathroom sink….not sure what we’ll do when we need to brush our teeth for bed. He’s been there for the last hour!

The second is also cute, in fact, he has become a popular pet of late. We found a Green Iguana sunning himself on the concrete perimeter fence in front of our patio (see picture). We had to look him up to find out which of the iguana species he was. And that he was harmless! It was interesting to watch him move. It’s so great to see these critters in the wild. Not as fun when they are living above your bed in the ceiling (that is also experience talking).

The third is not really new or terribly interesting but it is a nuisance. There is a large flying beetle of sorts that seems to have come into season…in great number. Their back end lights up green and flashes, I think to attract a mate (interesting move). Since this place has no screens or air conditioning, we are open to the outside (which is why I feel like I’m on a never ending camping trip) and so we are inundated with them and they seems to like to dive bomb your head. Nikki calls them giant fleas, which makes no sense, but she is grossed out by them and spent half our family study tonight fighting them off with the fly swat!

We spent the day today taking the public transportation to the new property just to see if it was possible until we buy a vehicle. Amazing how everything here takes twice as long as you think it will (it’s true, it really does, don’t ask me why) but we eventually made it out on the bus and back again. It’s only 5 cords each (25 cents) which doesn’t sound like a lot but could really add up and is certainly not convenient. Still, it was nice to know how easily it can be done. We are closer to Managua & Masaya there too which is really nice and it is one of the busier bus routes in Nicaragua so it will be an easy spot to get in and out of.

We have priced out furniture and believe it or not, we can outfit the house with new/basic furniture and appliances for about $2500 or $3000. Most things here are imported from Asia and so are less expensive than in Canada. But also much poorer quality. You can’t believe how excited I am at the prospect of sleeping on my own mattress and with pillows that aren’t already sporting drool stain decorations from endless former occupants!!

The vehicle search is on and we looked at one wreck already this week…..more to come!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo so nice to see you have posted some updates on your move. I can only imagine how much a culture shock for your family!! Hopefully you get settled into new abode soon..and imagine fully furnished for such a pittance!!
I am so proud of you and Gary for being so courageous in moving to a need great place such as this..keep on doing fine work my friend. Too make you feel better our cooler temps have prevented many for feeling the camp out of doorsy feelin as of yet. Send some heat my way :) my love to your family xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to sign that love Deb

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo & Family

Sounds like a real camping trip, not like rissers or keji. Hope the move goes well. Sounds like you are really looking forward to settling in to your new home. Much love. Kate & Gord