Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Final Post!

With mixed emotion, we have decided to no longer update our blog. The purpose of keeping the blog was originally to keep family & friends updated as the where we were and to assure them we were fine. We also wanted to share this wonderful experience with any who wished to travel with us in spirit.

We have reached the point here in Nicaragua that life has started to fall into a routine, of sorts. No longer just an experience but our actual life for the time being. As such, keeping the blog feels a little vain. Our day to day is often no different than anyone else's day to day.

We would hope though, to remain in contact with friends & family through e-mail.....that way we get your news and it's not all about us :)

Your friends,

Gary, Joanna & Nikki


Life With Morgan's said...

Gary's face in the picture reflects how we all feel about you not updating the blog, it is a real encouragement, but if you feel it is not the thing to do we understand. . .:(

Anonymous said...

Dearest Brookes Family:
We have "secretly" been reading your posts. We have found them to be entertaining and encouraging. Although a few were disheartening to read.
We were always happy to see Jehovah's hand in your adventure. Despite many obsticles you were able to see outside the immediate picture.
We will miss these updates.
May we be able to keep in touch other ways.
Much Love,
Your fellow lamaze coaches;
The Taylor Family
Craig, Melanie and Abigail

Brooks' family said...

Hey Guys, We would love to connect with you again. Hear about your adventures in life.....if you can get our e-mail off Rachel, that would be great (putting it on line here is likely not a good idea)! Lots of love to the three of you...and we would love a pic of Abigail so we can see how she's grown (can you believe they are 11!) Love Jo

Anonymous said...

Dear Brooks Family,

We're sad we wont read more of your adventrures. it is not vain it is very encouraging to all who cant do what you are doing.

The Haines Family said...

AAAWWWW, we love to read about what you are up to, even if it is just the day to day. Your blog has been more than just about you, we've been enjoying being educated about Nica too.
You could just post now and then when you go do something cool, or find a new beach . . .we really enjoy seeing you so happy :)
Waaa, Waaa, Waaa, :( that's me crying about missing your blog and your pictures.

Haines of Harmony said...

AAAWWWW, exactly how we felt when we read your last blog.(Maybe it's the Haines thing). Maybe you don't see how its more than just about you. People are reading about your experiences, even your everyday experiences & talking about them, at least here & looking at ways they can do more. Your example in making such a move & your sticking to it, both in good times & bad are such a good example to us all. May Jehovah bless you in whatever you do.
Numbers 6:24-26

Anonymous said...

To Gary, Jo and Nikki:

It has taken me this long to figure out how to post a comment(Julie's best directions didn't even help) but I had to figure it out to tell you that this was not a self centered blog. Several people picked up on it and it was such an encouragement. In fact one sister, who was never able in the flesh to do what you did, is traveling with you in spirit. We all LOVED your posts and are truly sorry they are ending. Keep up the fine work even if we can't follow you along.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for including us in your journey. I will miss the updates, but am sooooo happy that things are falling into place and routine has set in. We think about you all the time, missing our visits. We promise to email more. LOL
Leanne, Joel, Kiana and Shyler

Nana said...

We will miss your blog, Brooksies. There hasn't been a vain moment throughout and if anyone thinks so they need help. Your love of your heavenly father and his awesome creation shines through in each and every entry, you have touched many hearts and enriched many lives.
Take care of each other, you lovely people.
Ma, Pa, Matt and The G.

Anonymous said...

I must honestly say until the Brooksies went south of the border I had no idea what a " blog" was !! I now know thanks to your wonderful journal enteries! I do agree with nana have touched many lives in more ways than you can possible know..and your love for adventure has made me feel an inner need to want to do more! Keep up your amazingly courageous journey..and remember you are only an email away :0 love your family. xoxo
Deborha G